Guidance for Community Enterprises (mentees)

Guidance for Community Enterprises (mentees)

What types of groups will be eligible for support?

Community energy refers to the delivery of community led renewable energy, energy demand reduction and energy supply projects. This programme focuses on the growing number of community energy groups and enterprises across the UK generating renewable energy. A key feature of these groups will be the focus on community ownership. Community energy generation groups are likely to share the following characteristics:

  • Generating renewable energy including electricity and heat generation, including technologies such as solar PV, wind, hydro, or biomass
  • Interested in sharing the benefits and how surplus generated by projects will accrue to the whole community
  • Aiming to build community cohesion, and often have strong social aims, such as working to combat fuel poverty in the local area, providing an income stream for local projects, or engaging residents on energy efficiency issues.
  • Interested in democratic control, one member one vote, and aiming to build member participation
  • Turning to the use of community shares (equity) to raise finance for your scheme

You should be at a stage early enough in your journey and just setting up where you will benefit most from mentoring support. The only criteria is that you are not a well-established group already delivering a range of renewable energy projects.

Who are the mentoring organisations?

We currently have 14 experienced practitioners all of which have experience of setting up their community energy generation project

Why Get Involved?

We can help you to develop and deliver projects in your community through a programme of mentoring support.

  • Peer mentoring – We have a pool of Peer Mentors to deliver the technical support, experience and knowledge to support communities across England to develop their community energy projects. This will come from experienced community practitioners, who can provide support based on first-hand experience
  • Inspiration – We will share information and good news stories about what can be achieved by community groups through case studies and through you the communities that sign up to the project
  • Network – You will be able to share ideas and connect with other community groups across the UK through our linked in forum
  • Information – We will provide regular information in our Resources and News and Events section to help provide you with up to date information on the variety of support available to you, funding, tools and inspirational ideas

How to Get Involved?

  • Apply for support using the online form here 
  • Set up a linked in account,
  • follow @energymentor  on twitter
  • Share this information with all your contacts